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Hanson’s new music video just leaked.  The song is super fun and I thought the video was colorful, punchy, and entertaining.  Check it out:

I think this is a great example of low-budget done right!

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Love is a Heart-shaped Pizza

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I don’t like Valentine’s Day. But I do love Hallmark cards. There’s something lovely and tangible about giving and receiving cards. In an increasingly digital world, it’s nice that I have something I can have and hold that tells me how McDreamy feels. Texts and emails are far too fleeting. So we agreed to exchange cards and spend the evening together. We did not follow through on our plan to make others acutely aware of their single status. Instead, we snuggled up on the couch with a heart-shaped pizza and I gave McDreamy an introduction to the rom-com dream team that is Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. We watched You’ve Got Mail.

The little things count in relationships.  The companionable silence. Taking turns at fetching beverages from the fridge. Convincing the other person that the movie was his choice.  As the Peanuts card I gave to McDreamy says,

Love is the warm feeling you get after you hug

Love is letting the other person win, even when you know you could clobber them.

Love is thinking about what the other person is doing right now.

Love is tickling.

Love is navigating the everyday minutia, hand in hand.  And as I sit looking across my university campus, held captive by the rain and wind and looming clouds, I have just a little sunshine in my heart because I’ve got someone who will walk through every storm with me.

So today, on a perfectly ordinary day – a day that isn’t saturated with hearts and chocolate and everything pink – I’m choosing to celebrate the love in my life.


For good measure, here’s a picture of the heart-shaped pizza we had for dinner last night:


Again, I fail at life…

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. . . or at least blogging.

For the third time in the past year, I had to rebuild ye olde blog.  This time, I took such a lengthy break from blogging that I forgot my password. I had moved my blog to this URL and in the process deleted the email address attached to the former URL; and the now non-existent email was the one to which the password reset email was sent.  Great.

In any case, I’m back (again). Now to catch up on the events of past two months . . .

McDreamy and I are still going strong. The more I get to know him, the more smitten I become.  He is, most definitely, a kindred spirit. We had the following conversation on Tuesday night:

Me: So what are we doing two Mondays from now?

McDreamy: Huh?

Me: It’s Valentine’s Day. Actually, I’m excited. This is the first time in three or four years that I wont be thinking of it as Singles Awareness Day

McDreamy: *laugher* What? That’s hilarious. We can still call it that.

Me: That’s mean.  I used to be part of that category!

McDreamy: The category I used to be in was also that category.

Me: That category is also the category that the category of people I used to be  in… was.

McDreamy: This is sounding more and more like a Flight of the Concords song

Me: You just read my mind

I love being with someone that understands my quirky sense of humor. While I could continue praising my incredible boyfriend, I prefer not to nauseate my readers with saccharine content. Let it suffice to say that I’m entirely crazy about it.

Since my last blog, I’ve also added a shiny new iPhone to my arsenal.  Twice.  As 2010 drew to a close, I visited my local friendly Telus man to upgrade to a 32 gig iPhone 4.  It lasted for almost a month before I dropped it on the street outside my house.  I watched in horror as bounced.  In slow-motion, I saw the cracks spread across the screen. Crestfallen was I! A call to AppleCare assured me that my phone could be fixed. For the bargain basement price of $140, a new screen could be put on my phone while I waited. I made an appointment and headed to the Mac Store. However, the AppleCare representative was entirely mistaken.  My phone could not be fixed, and a replacement would cost $360. Crestfallen was I, again! The Mac Genius was entirely perplexed by the notes on my account, which verified the quote I had been given. Since he was unable to discount my replacement phone, he was forced to give me a brand new iPhone for free.  All the while, McDreamy and the Genius engaged in a battle of wits over the virtue of iPhone versus Droids.  My boyfriend’s one deficiency is his devotion to the PC world and Google, but I digress. I left the store with a new phone and $60 of accessories to better protect my phone.

Finally, I found out that one of jobs will be eliminated in June.  As a result of organizational restructure, my position will be redundant. I suppose the writing on the wall has been on the wall for a considerable amount of time, but when I sat down with the guy that manages personnel, I felt as though someone had emptied  a bucket of icy water over my head.  My parade hadn’t been rained upon; it had been canceled due to severe weather.  Two weeks later, I’m feeling far better about the news, but it’s hard.  I work with a fantastic group of children, and I will miss their little smiling faces and hilarious antics.  Although I should start looking for a new job, I suppose I’m hedging my bets on getting the new position that will be created at some point on the horizon. Sigh.

Still, I’m optimistic about 2011, and am eager to see how the next several months unfold.

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