I am a blue-jeans-wearing, caffeine-fueled, 20-something, relocated Seattlite living outside Vancouver, British Columbia. Most day’s you’ll see me armed with a venti Starbucks cup in one hand and an iPhone in the other; I don’t feel ready for the day without both.  I love fast cars, great books, intelligent comedies, thought-provoking conversations, flip flops, and my husband, McDreamy. While some consider me a shopaholic, I prefer the title “shoe collector.” By day, I’m a Children’s Pastor. It’s the best job ever. They pay me to play Zombie Tag, listen to Hillsong Kids, and tell the tiny humans about Jesus. Granted there is a lot more to it, but I am blessed to have a vocation that doesn’t feel like work.  By night, I’m a semi-professional Settler of Catan.