My McDreamy and I eagerly await May 26th, 2012 – the day that shall launch a thousand change-of-name forms.  I will put away the last relics of life as a single lady – my Justin Bieber CD, the tin can in which I still have love notes from grade 9, my Twilight books, and all other adolescent frivolity.  I’ll be a real grown-up. I’ll be Mrs. McDreamy.

We have secured our venue, found a culinary artist to construct our cupcake tower, picked a caterer (whom we still need to book… oops…), and decided upon the general vibe.  On Saturday, I bought my bridal gown and finally talked to my remaining bridesmaids about joining the wedding party.  Things are really coming together.  Quickly.

So quickly, in fact, I forgot that we had booked a photographer to do our engagement pictures.  Again, oops.  Just days ago, I was complaining that McDreamy and I only have a handful of cute pictures together.   This was giving me serious anxiety about the near-mandatory reception slideshow.  Friends asked me whether or not we had settled on a photographer. I had no recollection of booking the shoot for next Tuesday.  None.

Between the new job, McDreamy’s recent car accident, and a thousand other details I’ve struggled to track, this appointment slipped right past me.  And that makes me feel like the worst fiancée ever.

On the bright side, this is a perfect excuse to go shopping…