Things I have consumed today: strawberry poptarts, red bull, Cadbury’s chocolate buttons, diet coke, Triple O buffalo chicken club, and red vines. I am a university student. If there had been any doubt until this point, I think my eating habits have clarified the situation.

Try as I might, I can’t stop myself from eating the Red Vines. Neither can I stop myself from shopping on Amazon.  I’ve eaten 7 Red Vines since sitting down in class and I’ve  ordered one book and an iPhone case.  Did I mention that I’m just getting started?  Despite priding myself on being a night owl, I’ve been up for 12 hours already; I’m tired and my WWII History course is the last place I wish to be.  I may have to clip my wings and give up late nights until the end of the semester. Even though I attended class in my sweats, armed with sugar and caffeine, I’m lagging.

This sums it up:

I’m in the zombie zone.  And apparently the only thing Red Vine’s can’t do is keep me awake.